Jenerate Wellness | What Does DETOX Mean and Why is it Important?
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What Does DETOX Mean and Why is it Important?

Detox Safely in an Infrared Sauna

28 Sep What Does DETOX Mean and Why is it Important?

I use the word DETOX a lot. Detox is discussed during my coaching sessions and it’s referenced several times while describing the many benefits of Infrared Saunas. To learn more about how Infrared Heat can improve your overall health and/or snag your FREE 40-minute session click HERE.

Anyway, the word DETOX is used in a number of capacities. A common reaction I get from folks when I begin talking about it is their eye brows usually lift to their hairline and they look at me with a causing look because their mind tends to think alcohol or substance abuse. Although those are cases when a particular detox protocol is necessary, at Jenerate Wellness we are referring to the junk cluttering up your system. For example: toxins from processed food, hair/makeup product toxins, city water toxins, environmental toxins, etc. Some we can avoid by choosing safer products and food; others are completely out of our control. The point is, we need to get the garbage out of our body. Removing it from our skin cells and organs so they can thrive and our skin glows of its’ natural beauty. Otherwise,over time the collection of toxic sludge can cause our skin to wrinkle and become weathered or dull/grey looking. I don’t know a single person who desires that look. And our poor liver, kidneys, and adrenals will lose steam and their ability to process what we’re throwing at it.


DETOX – a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body. Or, a regimen or treatment to remove toxins and impurities from the body.

REVITALIZE – to make (someone or something) active, healthy, or energetic again.  To restore or give new life, energy, activity, or success to something:

LIVE – well, this is pretty self-explanatory. Once you do the other two, the only thing left is to live. Live a healthy, vibrant life.

Overall, DETOX is not just a word I decided to use as part of the business tag line; it serves a purpose.

Detoxing is the first step and absolutely necessary for ridding the body of toxins so the body can heal itself when necessary, plus thrive and function properly for optimal health. Call it detoxing, cleansing, flushing out, whatever term that resonates with you. But it’s simple…DETOX-REVITALIZE- LIVE.

Health & Happiness,

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