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Client Testimonials


We love our clients, and they love our infrared saunas!
Read what real infrared sauna users are saying about our saunas,
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We want to hear from YOU – tell us about your infrared sauna experience at Jenerate Wellness
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“This place is the best, with a nice, relaxing atmosphere. The infrared sauna is great, and I can’t wait to go back.” – John Z.

“I didn’t have to wait for my appointment. The sauna was sparkling clean and preheated, and the towels were plentiful and great quality.” – Richard P.

“This is THE best sauna experience I have had at a spa yet! The sauna actually made me sweat like a maniac (which is the whole point for detox), and the space is beautiful and tranquil. Highly recommend!” – Kandi N.

“Best decision of my life. Checking in with my coach daily gave me a true sense of support for my accomplishments and the drive to continue. I truly found joy learning about natural foods and the direct effect of how the foods I put in my body resulted in my daily energy levels and disposition. 1 year later I have kept off 40 lbs, find excitement in physical activities, and continue to feel confidence I didn’t have prior to this journey!” – Gigi Peterson

“I have referred a number of my personal training and chiropractic patients over to Jen at Jenerate Wellness with great results. Jen walks the walk and this makes it easy to confidently send people to her, knowing she will be helping them every step of the way. Jen has a number of great services from coaching, support, products/supplements, saunas, and so much more. Jen loves what she does and it’s infectious.” -Dr. Heidi Schlappi, (Chiropractic Physician, yoga instructor, personal trainer)

“Jen is awesome! Very knowledgeable and caring. The experience is great! I go as often as I can to detox and just relax.” – Lynn K.

“Great place!!! Jen is knowledgeable and her saunas are fantastic!” – Aimee J.

“Absolutely fantastic experience! I’m already planning my next visits. There’s nothing like it in the area.” – Lori O.

“My first experience was great. I was introduced to the sauna and how to use everything. I can’t wait for my next appointment.” – Shannon M.

“I’ve been a member at Jenerate Wellness for over a year now. I use the Infrared Sauna every week and absolute LOVE what it has done for my skin, my mindset and my waistline!! Jen, along with the Infrared Saunas, have changed my life!” – Sarah W.

“I’ve been to Jenerate Wellness a couple of times, and I’ve loved every time I’ve been there! The atmosphere is very calming and welcoming and the staff is wonderful! I’ve done the infra red saunas and have been 100% pleased with each session I did. I highly recommend coming here! The prices are more than reasonable for what you’re getting, well worth it!” – Ashley S.

“After seeing the results my 3 kids achieved working with Jen and using the Body Health detox/cleanse, I decided it was time I gave it a shot. I not only lost 40 pounds, but I have learned what ‘clean’ eating is all about. Jenerate Wellness worked for me! I encourage anyone that has been struggling to set up an appointment and talk to Jen.” – Greg N.

“First time experience was great! Staff was polite & a relaxing time. Looking forward to more visits.” – Michelle W.

“I really enjoyed Jenerate Wellness. The 130-degree room was amazing. I liked the lighting and that they had Pandora in the rooms. The suite is set up very nicely and I enjoyed the tea bar. I will definitely be back.” – Melissa N.

Jenerate Wellness - Infrared Sauna near Madison, Wisconsin

“Beautiful atmosphere, private rooms and the best saunas ever!! Did I mention there is a tea bar?” – Shana K.

“Jenerate Wellness was exceptional! I enjoyed their wonderful customer service and top-notch facility. Highly recommend!” – Akaylah J.

“Jen is sincere about her desire to help people achieve their best healthy self! She is very knowledgeable about holistic approaches. I got hooked on using an infrared sauna to detox as part of her wellness services. She guided me in my purchase of an infrared sauna for my home so I can enjoy these health benefits on a regular basis. Whatever your health concern, Jen will give you her full attention.” -Tammy G.

“Jen Is very passionate about her work. I have done the sauna a few times and it is really wonderful. I have fibromyalgia among other things. It is a great way to remove toxins that cause inflammation in the body. I always love talking to Jen; always leave with some product. Never been disappointed.” – L.Q.

“My first visit was phenomenal! Staff was very friendly and welcoming and explained what to expect during my session. The Suite was so relaxing and I so enjoyed the time to decompress and experience benefits from the sauna. I will definitely be back!” – Jane G.

“Love the whole experience! Feeling so much better, energized, light, clear headed the very next day! Will be recommending this to everyone. Very comfortable place and staff is very knowledgeable.” – Jen W.

“I tried Jenerate’s infrared sauna to relieve arthritis pain and I feel amazing. Jen was so helpful and informative! I will be going back on a regular basis.” – Colleen H.

Jenerate Wellness - Infrared Sauna near Madison, Wisconsin

“Jen came into my life when I needed her most. I was a 35 year old woman, about to get married for the first time, and dreading my wedding dress and photos. I struggled with my weight for the better part of my life and never truly felt beautiful. Jen changed all that for me. She gave me hope when she shared her story with me, told me she knew exactly how I felt, told me she could help me, and would be there for me every step of the way. She was so true to her word and went above and beyond. Weight loss is never easy, but with Jen’s help, I was successful for the first time in my life. She taught me so much, guided me through the tough times, checked in with me almost daily, answered every question I had, took me shopping so I knew the best things to buy, and most importantly, never allowed me to feel guilty or ashamed when I stumbled! With Jen’s help, I lost 55 pounds, looked amazing on my wedding day, and even managed to wear a bikini, for the very first time in my life, on my honeymoon! I can’t thank Jen enough for her knowledge, guidance and friendship. She is truly amazing!” – J.T.

“What an amazing resource Waunakee has in Jenerate Wellness. Our family had never heard of infrared saunas, healthy chocolate or Bulletproof products prior to this business opening. We researched the infrared sauna and decided to try it. Immediately we felt the positive health impact of this wellness tool. We are hooked! We incorporated weekly visits to the sauna and two+ years later – we can attest we would not be without it. Prior to this, I experienced vertigo and received regular steroid injections in my neck. Since I began incorporating the infrared sauna into my wellness program – I have stopped the injections and have been vertigo free. We are grateful to Jen’s wisdom on many areas of wellness and the products she offers.” – Erin and Steph

“When I met Jen I was much heavier than I wanted to be. I was a 6 ft man weighing 239 lbs. with very little energy. I told her that I was looking to lose weight as well as improve my overall health. She suggested cutting sugar and gluten, adding lean meats, healthy fats, and leafy greens. She also told me no more fast food! The result: I lost 30 lbs in just a couple months! Since then I’ve maintained my weight loss with regular exercise and healthy, balanced food choices. I’ve also greatly improved my health by significantly lowering my blood pressure with weekly infrared sauna sessions. Overall, I’ve never felt better and I’m so thankful for meeting Jen. She has changed my life!” – Matt W.

“I was in the best place and did not even know it. I came to Jenerate Wellness on the recommendation of a good friend. She knows I have fibromyalgia and spondylitis and recently had a hysterectomy. I am a teacher and a mother of four adult children. I came simply for the infrared sauna and fell in love with my first try. I had so much energy when I left, but I did not know if it was because of the quiet time or the heat that I love, but every visit energized me. I haven’t felt that well in a long time. I quickly signed up to become a LIVE Member and visit 12 times a month. Recently, I took a trip out of the country and missed 10 days in the sauna. It was then that I realized the effects of the infrared sauna are not just psychological, but were truly physiological for me. During this time, my energy level went down, and I struggled with pain and fatigue. After my second visit back, I started feeling my new normal again. I love the teas and enjoyed the 10 Day Transformation cleanse, and I know Jen is very knowledgeable about everything in her center. For me, however, the infrared sauna has changed my life. Thank you Jen!” -D.S.

“So many of the diseases and health conditions running rampant in our country are a result of environmental pollutants and toxicity, genetically-modified foods, lack of sun and earth connection, lifestyle stressors, and exposure to harmful electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones, WIFI, computers, and other technological devices. Depending on the health situation, I may not have the luxury of time to get the individual detoxed and replenished. These are the cases where the far-infrared sauna is CRUCIAL to getting the fast, exceptional results that I need to quickly get a case to the next level of healing. “Typical” saunas are infamous for emitting harmful EMF radiation, but this unit is specifically harmonized to negate these frequencies. The results on heavy metals and chemical detox is unbelievable … so much faster than just nutritional supplementation alone! The light therapy is paramount during the winter months, and the infrared light is second to none with the permeation of tissues and the immune system boost when fighting immune challenges such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, and candida. Simultaneous nutrition supplementation and replenishment is crucial! I am so in love with this sauna and the results on my patients … I would never have a clinic without one! Truly a life-changing tool!” – Ashley Stelter, BS, Master Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Owner Organique Clinics

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