Jenerate Wellness | Optimum Weight Management Program – 23 Days
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Optimum Weight Management Program - 23 Days

Optimum Weight Management Program – 23 Days



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Combine the BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Formula with two other BodyHealth supplements – PerfectAmino™ and BodyHealth Complete + Detox™ and you have the perfect diet package. Exclusive to BodyHealth, this package promotes rapid weight-loss combined with an arsenal of protein and vitamins to prevent muscle and bone loss and aid detoxification.


When people lose weight it is common for them to lose bone and muscle tissue as well as fat. We want to guard against this. Bone loss can lead to osteoporosis, and loss of muscle and connective tissue leads to weakness and hanging skin.


For this reason we developed the Optimum Weight Management Program, designed to prevent lean muscle and bone loss. In addition to the bottle of Optimum Weight Management Formula, the package includes PerfectAmino, the only source of protein that is 99% utilized by the body to preserve lean body mass during and after the program. PerfectAmino helps prevent muscle and bone loss as well as providing essential protein on a calorie-restricted diet.


The Optimum Weight Management Program package also includes BodyHealth Complete + Detox, a multivitamin/multimineral/antioxidant supplement which gives your body extra nutrition to keep it running smoothly. Toxins are stored in a person’s body fat, so when fat is lost through dieting, the liver can turn into a dumping ground for those toxins. BodyHealth Complete + Detox gently helps to eliminate toxins by aiding the liver in a detoxification process.


Package Includes:


1 bottle of BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Formula
2 bottles of PerfectAmino
1 bottle of BodyHealth Complete + Detox
1 detailed handbook for the program


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