Jenerate Wellness | Intestinal Cleanse
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BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse - purchase from Jenerate Wellness

Intestinal Cleanse



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BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse is the best way to cleanse your colon and aid in body detoxification safely and comfortably!


Known as the “gentle eliminator,” BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse is an effective herbal laxative that works naturally overnight, without cramping or any sense of urgency or fear of embarrassment at having to “go or else.” About 8 hours after you take it, you can expect to have an easy, smooth, natural bowel movement.


In addition BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse acts as a tonic in supporting optimal health in your intestinal, liver, and overall body.


RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 2-4 capsules per day. Each bottle contains 100 capsules.


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