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Complete + Detox



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Additive-free, all-in-one multivitamin, multimineral, antioxidant, with whole foods and liver detox support ingredients. BodyHealth recently added two more essential nutrients to our best-selling supplement, BodyHealth Complete + Detox. Already one of the most comprehensive multi-vitamins on the market, the inclusion of these new ingredients makes it a leader in this field.


So what have we added to our Multi-Vitamin?
First, is Vitamin K2. Many people are losing the calcium in their bones and moving it to their arteries. So the bones are osteoporotic and the arteries calcified. Osteoporotic bones break too easy and calcified arteries block blood flow and clot too easy. Vitamin K2 moves calcium from the arteries back to the bones, giving us strong bones and flexible arteries.


The second addition to the multi-vitamin is CoQ10. CoQ10 is required by every cell in the body to make energy. Most people are deficient in this critical nutrient. By taking the regular daily dose of BHC+D they will be able to boost cellular energy and improve health. Who doesn’t want more energy?


When originally formulated, we had two things in mind for BodyHealth Complete + Detox:


First, be a whole food product so the natural substances and concentrates would mean the levels of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants would be better than anything else on the market. Second, since our environment is rife with toxins, and most patients’ livers are overloaded with them, additional support for liver detoxification was added to give the liver the molecules it needs to remove those toxins from the body.


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