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Meet Hallie!

02 Aug Meet Hallie!

My weight loss journey started two years ago. Actually, I’ve always been obsessed about my weight, but it was two years ago I finally committed to making a change. It first came out of fear… Fear because I was turning 40. I was fat, depressed, and just generally unhappy. I was positive on the outside, but negative and self-loathing on the inside. Everyone always says that I’m so happy and fun, but really I wasn’t… it was all an act. I hated being embarrassed to take my kids to school activities so I would take them shopping instead.

Then one day I looked at a picture of myself that someone else posted on Facebook and I was like WHAAAAAT!? Is that really me!? It was that… THAT lit the fire.

I ate low carb and cut major calories. I started exercising regularly and the weight just started to come off. I got a little overboard at times and, of course, it wasn’t always fun. But I was seeing results, so I kept going.

It took me a year to reach my goal weight of 88 lbs. lost. For me it’s all in my head. I LOVE food! It continues to be a struggle most days. I know what I should be eating, but I don’t always. And I really don’t love working out, LOL, but I still do it! It is and always will be an ongoing ADVENTURE!

I started working at Jenerate Wellness in search of my purpose. I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, and a friend, but I don’t think I’ve truly figured out who I am. I’m hoping with my new career change I will be able to figure it out. I love learning, growing, and being around like-minded people. I’m really excited for this new chapter and helping others! I was feeling a bit stuck before, but I feel that exciting fire again… like the sky’s the limit!

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