Jenerate Wellness | Learn How To Shred Inches & Lose Weight Without Exercising
Learn how you can shred inches of your waist line by using infrared saunas.
infrared sauanas
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Learn How To Shred Inches & Lose Weight Without Exercising

Infrared saunas are an excellent way to boost metabolism and lose weight with minimal effort

17 Oct Learn How To Shred Inches & Lose Weight Without Exercising

Whether it’s yoga, hot lemon water, or burning up calories on my EliptiGO, I am all about safe and natural ways to maintain a healthy weight. You see, I lost about 125 lbs about 7 years ago and since then I’ve devoted my life and career to staying active and eating healthy meals. I simply refuse to go back to catastrophic dressing room breakdowns or feeling pathetic after multiple rounds to the same fast food drive thru. Unless you’ve been there, it’s tough to describe the utter embarrassment when the same girl at the DQ drive thru is still there 3 hours after my last visit…and looks at you like “really?” (I lived in a small town with very few drive-thru options. Plus, one of my addictions were Heath blizzards).

I’m happy to say those embarrassing days are a thing of the past and my life now consists of a balanced a healthy mix of eating well and moving my body. Sure, I’m always throwing in the occasional sea salt cleanse experiment or working out with a new thermogenic to rev up my metabolism, but the one staple in my life is my infrared sauna.

Of course, the million-dollar question (or in this case, the $35 question) is what makes an infrared sauna so much better than a traditional one and how can it help you achieve your WEIGHT LOSS GOALS? First, you must understand that infrared heat is actually light that penetrates into your skin and muscle tissue to raise your internal body temperature while traditional saunas only warm the air around you. By penetrating your skin, infrared heat can help you burn fat and release toxins that are trapped in that fatty layer — something simply sitting in a hot room cannot do for you.

So, how does this invisible light scorch fat from your waistline to produce actual weight loss!? The answer: As the body works hard to cool itself and regulate core temperature, it expends a lot of energy, which is why so many calories are burned, up to 600 calories are lost in a 40- minute session!  In addition to boosting metabolism, body fat becomes water soluble at 110°F resulting in the release of fat molecules through the body’s pores. Infrared Saunas are the ONLY natural and healthy way to burn calories without exercising. Boom!

Here’s the bonus! Another challenge I personally suffer from: dreaded cellulite. I can do a million squats, jumps, acrobat swings, you name it, I am consistently focused on toning and shaping trouble areas (booty and thighs). The dimpled or “orange-peel” appearance is caused by 3 things: a) connective tissue not doing its job in maintaining a solid structure for the skin and fat cells beneath the skin, allowing small pockets of fat to poke through to the surface and become visible, b) excess fat, makes the web of connective tissue have to work even harder to hold it smoothly in place beneath the surface of the skin, c) bloat, which increases the appearance of cellulite, often due to toxicity and build-up in the body.

Your skin is connected to the underlying muscle by vertical strands of tissue. The combination of this connective tissue pulling in on your skin and fatty deposits pushing out against your skin cause the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Infrared heat penetrates deep into that fatty layer targeting the source of our bathing suit woes. (Side note: moisturizing your skin well is equally important for its’ elasticity.

This tightens and firms it up to so it stays toned instead of saggy. I use doTerra fractionated coconut oil. (It works wonders).

On top of shredding fat and the chemical/toxin release, infrared saunas are known for their stress relieving and relaxation properties. Clients are consistently reporting their skin looks and feels amazing, or that they slept like a baby after their session, or they still felt the benefits the next day. A few more pros the saunas tote include “boosted immune system, helps prevent aging/wrinkles, and increased energy. Research also backs up regular infrared sauna use reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and highly recommended by health care professional for arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and Lyme Disease.

Men and woman coast to coast are flocking to Infrared Sauna studios not just for their zenned-out, mind clearing, muscle-relaxing experience, but because they have discovered it shreds calories and inches AND you feel awesome! A somewhat euphoric experience you’ll only know once you try it.

Health & Happiness,

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