Jenerate Wellness | Easy Ways to Detox and ‘Spring Clean’ Your Body
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Easy Ways to Detox and ‘Spring Clean’ Your Body

take some time to spring clean your body!

02 May Easy Ways to Detox and ‘Spring Clean’ Your Body

So it’s officially spring and you’ve probably been Kondo-ing every room in your house, but what about your body? Have you been doing any spring cleaning there? Take this time of the year to detox and reset your body to get back to healthy habits and feelings.

Try These Simple Tips for Spring Detox:

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WIIncorporate regular infrared sauna use to your routine. You won’t just feel better, you will look better too! Infrared heat penetrates deep into the fatty, subcutaneous layer – the place where cellulite begins – and warms three times deeper than traditional saunas to target the source of our bathing suit woes. Just one 40-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories (cue the cheering)! This high caloric burn increases heart rate, localizes blood circulation and eliminates the accumulation of liquids in fat cells, all directly impacting the appearance and recurrence of cellulite. Along with enhanced energy and improved sleep, you can enjoy clearer skin as well. The extra sweat regularly passing through your skin takes bacteria and dirt with it, lessening breakouts, naturally moisturizing your skin and preventing flakiness. Check out the many other health benefits of using an infrared sauna.

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WI

Add lemon to your water. The juice from the lemon will not only add a little flavor to your drinking water, but as a detoxifying agent, it may also help to boost metabolism, improve your skin and support weight loss. Note, you should be drinking lots of water each day to stay hydrated and healthy, so whether you choose to add lemon or not, fill’er up!

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WI

Take it easy on the sweet stuff. Cutting your sugar intake will help to stabilize your internal energy, reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes and reverse that sluggish feeling.

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WI

Get your beauty rest. It may seem almost impossible to get the recommended 8 hours every night, but doing so is essential to keep your body healthy, get your eating habits in-check and your mind focused.

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WI

Get organized! The mind works best when it’s clear and focused. Messy surroundings may be an indication of a messy mind. Whether it’s your closet, kitchen drawers or work desk, check out some online organizational tips, grab a friend and make it a social happening and then get going on the job(s).

Jenerate Wellness - infrared saunas near Madison, WI

Chill out. Stress causes the release of cortisol into your body; prolonged levels may be dangerous, weakening your immune system, causing you to retain more fat cells and even leaving you prone to depression and insomnia. Yikes! Find your favorite way to relax and work it into your daily routine. Your body will reward you.

Healthy is a Lifestyle

A healthy mind and body lead to a better you, and healthy habits lead to routine. Take this change of season as a chance to reboot your body into a better, healthier version of you! Jenerate Wellness offers a variety of products to support your healthy lifestyle, from Chlorella to quality CBD oil, we’ve got something for you. And don’t forget about our infrared sauna sessions; pay as you go or purchase a sauna membership. Contact us to get started or book an appointment online!


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