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5 Reasons Why Girlfriends Are Important

20 Sep 5 Reasons Why Girlfriends Are Important

Last week, 6 girlfriends and I decided to rent a house on a lake in Waupaca, WI. Our goal was to disconnect from our normal, busy lives for 48 hours so we could connect with one another. We reside in different areas of the state so we literally just picked a central location on the map and planned it. Plus, we “heard” that Waupaca was a fun, eclectic town for shopping and recreation. Due to weather and our longing desire to relax in sweat pants (mostly me!), we didn’t actually get much recreation in, but what we did discover was the time spent with each other was not just long overdue, but totally necessary for self-rejuvenation.

There is an incredible amount of power from women bonding. I need my friends and I’d like to think they need me too. Yes, a lot of energy and commitment is required, but it’s an electric experience of highs and lows. And the bond creates this fortress of encouragement and strength tough enough to get through anything. As I drove home Sunday morning, I was overcome and fascinated by the amount of positive energy driving through my veins. Unaware how much I truly missed my girlfriends until then, I realized how vital the connection is for a healthy life. Here’s why:

1. Honest Advice – This is crucial. Those in my circle are aware when I get an idea or thought in my head, it’s tough to change my mind. However, my best friend and sounding board, Vanessa, is the one person I call when I need advice, or a what she calls “a dose of reality”. True friends know and understand us the most, sometimes better than we’d like to admit. Because let’s face it, no one is always right or in the right frame of mind. We make decisions based on emotion and sometimes it can backfire. Friends are not only important to love, care for, and have fun with…. they are also there to guide and correct us when we need it the most.

2. Stress Relief – Quality time spent is one of the best forms of medicine. It’s extremely therapeutic and a must-have in my opinion. It’s a time to let your guard down and be your silly self. Crack jokes or simply be in a judge-free zone. Whether it’s strolling down a city street shopping or a spontaneous weekend trip to Vegas, sharing time relieves stress. And because stress is toxic, the more you off-load it the healthier and happier you’ll be.

3. Encouragement – There is enormous amount positive energy when women synergize. If someone discourages or purposely drags you down, chances are they aren’t a true friend. Some of my biggest fans are the women in my life. Without them I would not be the strong, confident woman I am. Through the most nerve wreaking moments of life, they stand by us confidently or cheer from the sidelines making us believe in ourselves. They may not always agree or believe in the plan, but they won’t become a hurdle in the path.

4. Sharing Secrets – Girlfriends are who you can share anything with. We all have personal problems, family problems, relationship problems, all kinds of problems, etc. There is a relief knowing you can call or talk it through and it won’t be aired out or posted on FB. I think we can all agree no one needs that stress!! I love the relationship I have with one of my closest friends, Sam. We live 6 hours apart so we rarely see each other, but we talk often. We have this thing: if we start a conversation with “this one stays in the vault…” we have an understanding that it stays between us. It’s a really good feeling.

5. Learn & Grow – As we get older, we tend to become stuck in our ways. Even when we’d rather be stubborn or not admit it, other’s opinions bring positive value to our lives.  They help us learn more about ourselves and open us up to new adventures and exciting experiences. Because together we can make awesome things happen.

Health & Happiness,

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