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About Us

10 Steps To A Leaner Healthier You!

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Meet Jen Heller

before-afterJen Heller, Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is the founder of Jenerate Wellness, a wellness center dedicated to empowering natural health and creating a vibrant well-being. A native to Rhinelander, WI, Jen lived “Up North” her entire life until relocating to the Madison area in early 2014. Graduating from Nicolet College with a degree in Business Management, she worked for Coca-Cola in HR/Finance for 14 years.

Jen’s interest in health and wellness began in 2009. Unconvinced that prescription medication was the best solution to address her thyroid and weight issue, she explored alternative treatment. Her research, and a referral from a friend, pointed her to a natural health solution. She began working with Ashley Stelter, ACT Certified Designed Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, well known for her success and holistic perspective on health. The journey was nothing short of life changing…

I battled with weight my entire life. As a teenager in high school, not growing since the 7th grade, 5'2' and overweight was terrifying.

I never lacked friends or was really made fun of, but I struggled daily with my own insecurities. Shopping for clothes was frustrating and gym class was daunting. After graduation and college, I settled into a nice administrative job, but this only meant more sitting and less activity. The weight piled on and I began to sink into a state of serious disappointment.

After trying every “quick fix” and “guaranteed results” diet pill, cleanse, metabolism racing, cabbage soup diet on the planet, I broke down and scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss weight management options. My blood work test results showed abnormal thyroid readings and it was suggested I try a prescription drug to get it under control. My doctor also pointed out that once my thyroid was handled, it most likely would help in my weight loss efforts.

Discouraged, angry, and frustrated I left the doctor’s office thinking there has to be another way. I’m 28 years old… I am not going on prescription drugs and dealing with crazy side affects for something I should be able to fix myself. Later that week, I had a visit with a friend who suggested I look into NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) for my thyroid. She revealed she and her husband both had thyroid issues along with other concerns that were treated with whole food supplements instead of prescription medications. In addition, they never felt better. I called the next day and scheduled my initial consult.

Fast forward 6 weeks and I lost 25 lbs. I learned how to eat, was made aware of self-accountability, and learned to simply take care of my body. I discovered the food I was eating wasn’t real food and my body was seriously deprived of vital nutrients and minerals, all key components to proper organ function. Along the way I incorporated meaningful exercise and scheduled it during times I could genuinely focus. Not just go thru the motions, but really listen to my body, work on my form, and check out of “life” and into “living”. Still severely overweight, and with utter fear of failure, I signed up for a yoga class for the first time. I loved it! My suggestion to anyone fearful of a class they may not know how to do or think they will fall behind in; try it anyway. You literally have nothing to lose. Along with MMA/kickboxing and running, yoga remains a staple in balancing my workout routine. I’ve grown to enjoy and love my workouts just as much as my results.

After losing the first 50 lbs, people started to notice and ask questions. Actively involved in a small town community both personally and professionally, my friends and colleagues grew intrigued about learning what I was doing. Every chance I got I’d share my ideas with others about changes I made in nutrition or ideas I figured out from changing up my exercise regimen. During that time, I had the opportunity to present to and work with several large groups on similar programs, work one-on-one coaching individuals, and attend health conferences around the country with several leading authorities in nutrition. I also completed the Health Coaching program with IIN, one of the most reputable, prestigious nutrition institutes in the world.

Soon after, I started to recognize a major shift in my career goals. The reward and joy I felt helping others achieve their personal goals became addicting and indescribable. As a Health Coach, I feel truly blessed to do what I love every day. In total, I lost 125 lbs, literally half of my body weight, but my journey became less about a jean size or number on the scale; it was about being happy and healthy.

A roller coaster of emotions and certainly a lot of hard work, has brought me to this place of awareness and contentment. I’ve surrounded myself with a positive support system of friends and family who encourage and inspire me every day. My passion and place in this crazy, unpredictable world is helping others. Helping others achieve total, vibrant happiness in their health. After 14 amazing years with a fortune 500 company, I decided to take a break from my hectic life and figure out my next step. Combine my determined drive and knowledge in management, a desire to own my own business, with a strong passion for educating others in nutrition and natural health, and you’ve got Jenerate Wellness.”

My mission is simple: to educate and empower others in nutrition, vibrant healthy lifestyles, and share the power of safe, natural healing.

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Exciting news – I’ve been announced as a member of the InBusiness 40 Under 40 – Class of 2020!

10 Steps To A Leaner Healthier You!

Download This FREE E-Book Today And Start Feeling Great